DALLAS, TEXAS (March 20, 2020) – United Way has launched a fund to address both urgent and long-term needs of North Texans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic –the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund. United Way partners Texas Instruments (TI) Foundation and Bank of America have each made generous initial seed funding commitments of $250,000. Wells Fargo has donated $100,000, and more contributions from individuals, philanthropic and corporate partners are expected to follow. Funds raised will spur both immediate and long-term relief to our most vulnerable North Texas neighbors.

United Way is working with community leaders, including the Dallas County Health Department, funders, school districts, and local service providers to identify resource and service gaps in order to begin planning for long-term recovery. Proceeds raised for the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund will go directly to community-based organizations assisting those most impacted by this pandemic.

United Way is uniquely positioned to quickly analyze immediate needs and connect resources where they will make the greatest impact. Its team of seasoned professionals has a pulse on the community through deep relationships with over 180 service providers and community partners.

“North Texas has a history of coming together to take care of one another, overcoming many difficult situations over the years including natural disasters, man-made disasters, and economic emergencies– but nothing quite like the health and economic crisis we face today,” said Jennifer Sampson, McDermott-Templeton President and CEO, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. “We’re inviting individuals and corporations to join us in this effort to address immediate and urgent needs of North Texans as well as long-term challenges that will affect education, income, and health across our community. Even as we confront uncertainty and volatility, together we will live united to lend support and emerge stronger than before.”

The populations served by United Way are those most vulnerable to economic downturns and health crises. The fund will address current community impact concerns including:
• Shortage of supplies to meet basic health and safety needs (paper goods, hand sanitizer, cleaning products and potentially food).
• Extended closures of school, childcare and after-school programs, impacting children’s access to breakfast and lunch programs and parents’ ability to work.
• Immediate economic impact for many workers, particularly in the service, retail and travel industries.

United Way is gathering and compiling data directly from front-line service providers to determine immediate needs and projections for mid- and long-term challenges. This gathered intelligence will guide the fund, designed to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our community. On March 23, United Way will launch a brief application and vetting process, prioritizing the greatest needs and engaging funders along with corporate and community partners to review and make funding recommendations.

“Supporting our communities has been a hallmark of our company since TI was founded 90 years ago,” said Andy Smith, executive director of the TI Foundation. “And our communities need our help now more than ever. These grants will directly help many families and individuals whose lives are being severely disrupted by these uncertain times.”

“United Way’s mission and belief in the power of unity are more important today than they ever have been,” said Susan Hoff, Chief Impact and Strategy Officer, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. “We thank Texas Instruments for its generous support and hope that during this unparalleled moment in history, many others will join us in confronting this challenge together.”

To donate or get more information, please go to: https://unitedwaydallas.org/coronavirus/.


About United Way of Metropolitan Dallas: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is a community-based social change organization that puts opportunity in the hands of all North Texans. Working with our determined supporters, we lead the charge to improve education, income and health—the building blocks of opportunity. We invite all change-seekers in our community to Live United to achieve lasting results right here at home. To give, advocate or volunteer, visit www.UnitedWayDallas.org.