(October 22, 2020) – Sports Business Daily – By Michael Smith
The Football Bowl Association is undergoing a major brand overhaul and will be known as Bowl Season to give college football’s postseason a new logo and visual identity. The new name, logo and website, BowlSeason.com, will be unveiled today under the direction of FBA Exec Dir Nick Carparelli, who was hired in December ’19 and almost immediately began working on the rebranding campaign. The Bowl Season’s mission will be different than the FBA. Carparelli has evolved the association into a consumer-facing promotional body. The tagline “A celebration of college football” accompanies the new name. Bowl Season will work with all of the existing bowls to promote the entire bowl system. The new branding was developed by Connecticut-based 1919 Productions and Joe Bosack & Co. Dallas-based Tony Fay Public Relations has handled communications for the initiative.

BECOMING FRONT-FACING: The Bowl Season name and mark keep in line with the college football tradition of keeping it simple. The logo shows the symbolism that drove what was formerly the FBA in a new, more modern direction with the use of the stadium, ring and football all coming together into one versatile mark that will be used on helmets, jerseys and even the field, as well as all kinds of marketing materials and digital assets. Carparelli said, “For four decades, the Football Bowl Association has served as a staunch advocate of the bowl system. But until now, it’s been a behind-the-scenes organization designed to facilitate conversation among bowl leadership and stakeholders. Since joining the organization, I’ve listened to our membership’s clear desire for a new identity — to rebrand the FBA to speak directly to those who love this sport.”

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